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Relation with Maihar Senia Gharana

Dishari Chakraborty is blessed by the creator of Maihar Senia Veenkaar Gharana, the prophet of Hindustani Classical Music,

Padma Vibhushan Acharya Baba Allauddin Khan Sahib.

Maihar became his second hometown. His association with the people of Maihar, Maa Sharada Devi, and especially the

Maihar - Band is all due to Baba's music.

Dishari considers Baba Allauddin Khan as his musical inspiration.

Swarasamrat Ali Akbar Khan 

Since 1995 Dishari got direct talim of rababi style of composition and maihar

taan-senia style of gayaki from Swarasamrat

Padma Vibhushan

Ustad Ali Akbar khan.

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Ustad Aashish Khan

Dishari took extensive training on santoor,veenkari style of sarode playing under the present

khalifa of maihar-senia

veenkar gharana,

Ustad Aashish Khan, grandson of Baba Allauddin Khan.

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Prof. Dhyanesh Khan

At the age of 4 Dishari chose his favorite musical instrument shata-tantri veena (kashmiri santoor).In 1986,his classical training of maihar gharana in instrumental music started from Professor Ustad Dhyanesh Khan,disciple of Padma Bhushan Annapurna Devi,at the house of Baba Allauddin Khan.

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Vidushi Ameena Perera

Dishari was very fortunate that she loved him like her own son and she taught him both sarod & sitar techniques.

Dishari applied those methods on santoor to play the traditional raga & composition of maihar gharana which he learnt from Ameena Perera, daughter of

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan,

since 1992.

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From his early age Dishari learned indian classical music theory, especially ancient hindustani instrumental music and

different instrumental techniques and application from Professor Dr. E.S.Perera.  

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Pandit Shankar Ghosh

From 1997 Dishari learned various percussion instruments and playing style of pakhawaj in instrumental music and rare raga music of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and application from Tabla Maestro

Pandit Shankar Ghosh.

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Dr.Vinay Bharat Ram

Dishari took his advance level training of vocal in shuddha

vani of drupad gayaki on

taan-senia style from Pandit Dr.Vinay Bharat Ram,

disciple of Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar.

After an intense practice of the dhrupad gayaki, Dishari earned high level of respect from his entire contemporary musician.

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Vidushi Ananya Chakraborty

Dishari took his first lessons in vocal music from his mother Vidushi Ananya Chakraborty, disciple of Pandit Prasun Banerjee & Acharya Pankaj Mallik. In ancient times the disciples used to get an education from home of the guru. Even in the present modern era, it is rare that education can be achieved by maintaining that trend due to his mother.

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Vidushi Zubeda Khan

About the daily training method and stories of Baba Allauddin Khan and the use of various instrument in the Maihar Band Orchestra and it's repairing methods,

Dishari learned from

Vidushi Zubeda Khan

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Guru Goutam Guha

Dishari took his first lessons in tabla,layakari and rhythmic  progression,improvisation

and it's methods of application

on hindustani classical music from Guru Goutam Guha,

 disciple of

Pandit Shankar Ghosh.

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School of Music and Aesthetics

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