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Listen to Others,
Listen to Yourself,
Listen to The Universe.

Testimonial :

Bharat Ratna

Pandit Ravi Shankar,

sitarist/Indian composer


I made a Persian Santur to use in

Hollywood film scores,

but after that I never used it.

I told Aashish, '' I want to give it to

Dishari because he is the

right person who knows its value'' 

I’m a Hindustani Classical musician with about 30 years of experience performing, teaching, and collaborating with artists across the globe.

I've had the opportunity to train under the direct descendants of Maihar Gharana. My primary instrument is the ShataTantriVeena (Kashmiri Santoor), although I'm also trained in sarod, tabla, and pakhawaj. Being a child prodigy, equally trained in European classical music.

An international awardee from Norway and a President Scholarship holder from the Government of India. I’ve worked extensively in various film/theatre/dance projects and contributed to several ICCR-commissioned programs as an artist.


Since 2005 I've composed music in more than 140 theatres and received 14 awards as a composer and sound designer. Natya Academi, Govt. of West Bengal awarded in 2024 for contributing to the

field of Music.

In 2017 I debuted as a film directed in a Docu-Feature

''A Life in Dance: Pandit Uday Shankar, Produced by the Films Division Government of India.

School of Music and Aesthetics

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